Tsutsumu Ring

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The ring is approximately 10mm wide.

The 'Tsutsumu' Spinner Ring is a very simple and elegant ring. The band has a bodhi leaf texture impressed into the surface. A 20 gauge gold-fill wire is wrapped around the ring three times and then soldered to itself so that it turns around the surface of the band (the wrapped nature of the spinner ring doesn't let it spin as freely as my spinner ring designs, but it is loose on the band.)

The spinner ring (the outer movable ring, NOT the band itself) is available in either:

*14/20 Yellow Gold-filled
*14/20 Rose Gold-filled
*Solid 14k Yellow Gold
*Solid 14k Rose Gold

All of my rings are made in my eco-friendly studio and use metals that are recycled. The silver that I use is tarnish resistant Sterling Silver.

SIZING- It is best to know the exact size of your ring finger(s) before ordering a ring. If you are unsure of your size you can order a plastic ring sizer here (USA customers only).

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