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Kyle Gross

Metalsmith/Jewelry DesignerKyle Gross

After many years of working in the photography field, trying to find success and happiness, I fell backwards and bumped right into the one true love that I didn't know I was looking for. That was the day that I realized that the simple jewelry pieces that I was making on the side for friends and family were actually the earliest buds that would soon bloom and then grow into metal-smithing and finally into Stones Throw Studio.

Now, nearly two decades later, I stand proud to say that not only has that early hobby grown into something really dear and special to me, but, because of the continued support of a wonderful community of patrons, from local to worldwide, I stand today as a successful and happy entrepreneur. 


The Studio


Stones Throw Studio

I started off working at my living room table many years ago, and over the years I also worked from a balcony, a converted garage, and even a bedroom. But finally, in 2012, I was able to design and build a backyard studio. You can find me here working in my studio during the week, and you are always welcome to make an appointment to see my designs and meet with me to discuss your own custom design ideas.



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Hammer and StakeHammers

My Work

All of my designs are handmade using recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones, many of which I have cut locally. I find the inspiration for my designs in the natural world around me, such as the texture of a leaf or the shape of a dragonfly. Sometimes, I am influenced by a pattern that I see in the road or a design that I see in a piece of architecture. And always, in some aspect of my design process, there is a desire to create with a sense of wabi-sabi, to find the simplicity and elegance in a piece and to allow for little imperfections.

OwlWrapped BodhiStackersSettingTitanium Seedpods

SawingMeltingBodhis in progressArrowsTitanium Feathers

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