Warranty & Repairs

All of my designs are warrantied for product defects for 1 year from the time of purchase, so if you receive a piece that has a defect due to craftsmanship or materials, I will replace or repair it at no cost to you. Normal wear and abusive wear are not covered under my warranty.
If your piece breaks after one year, then I will still repair the piece, but it will incur a repair charge (that varies based on the work necessary.)


Stones are warrantied for 6 months with free replacement if the stone falls out of the setting. Warranty does not cover stones that are broken because of rough wear but will cover stones that break because of a defect. If the setting becomes loose at any time I will tighten the stone at no charge. Customer is responsible if stone falls out of the setting in the interim.


If the chain breaks on your pendant during normal wear during the warranty period I will repair or replace the chain at no charge. After the warranty expires there will be a $5 charge for a new chain. Broken clasp replacement during warranty period is free and $2 after the warranty expires.


If you lose a single earring it can be replaced at a cost of one half of the price of the original pair cost.