Jewelry Care

Properly cared for jewelry will last a lifetime. Here are some tips on how to care for your pieces:

  • Tarnish is sped up by moisture in the air so keeping your pieces in a dry environment with a desiccant packet will help slow tarnishing when not wearing your pieces. Zip lock baggies (acid free) and carbon paper strips both help with this as well.
  • Avoid contact with household chemicals, pool chlorine, lotions etc while wearing your jewelry. Chlorine, for instance, will turn silver black temporarily. 
  • Tarnish can be removed with a good polishing cloth. I use Klean Karets polishing cloths which you can find on Amazon, but any brand will do. You can also use a bit of dish-washing liquid in some warm water along with a soft brush to clean your pieces.
  • If you order a stone set ring and the stone starts to dull from dirt and grime, you can clean the stone with warm water, a few drops of household ammonia and a few drops of dish-washing liquid. I would use this solution with a soft toothbrush to clean the stone followed by a polish with the cloth.
  • A quick way to clean tarnish off of multiple silver pieces is to line a cooking pot with aluminum foil, fill the pot with water and bring almost to a boil. Add baking soda to the water and then place your silver pieces into the water. The tarnish will be stripped almost instantly to the foil and leave your jewelry tarnish free. Do not place pieces into the hot water that contain stones if you are unsure of their durability and heat resistance.
  • Let your jewelry dry completely before storing as moisture speeds up the tarnishing process.

Most of my pieces are made using tarnish resistant Sterling Silver (.940), gold fill, and solid 14k gold. Gold fill is a high-quality option for those that want gold without the higher price. It has a very thick tube of gold (1/20th the overall volume) over a core of brass. It will not turn your finger green or rub off like gold plated does.

​I do offer Standard Sterling Silver (.925) for those who cannot wear tarnish resistant Sterling Silver (.940). Just request that I make the change when placing your order. Note: This may increase the wait time by a few days.