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Koi Pendant

Koi Pendant

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Carpe diem and adorn yourself with some carp!

Koi, from the Japanese "nishikigoi" meaning brocaded carp, are colorful varieties of the common carp often kept to decorate outdoor ponds and gardens. They are found in many colors and patterns and have been bred since the early 19th century in Japan. In China they represent wealth, fame, and family harmony, and are a popular symbol of abundance and strength within feng shui, in which they sometimes can transform into dragons. In Japan they symbolize good fortune and perseverance, and are an important part of their national identity.

Part of my Spirit Animal collection, our handmade koi pendant features two copper koi fish swimming stop a tarnish-resistant sterling silver infinity symbol.

Comes on a sterling silver chain that is adjustable between 14 and 17 inches depending on your preference.


Tarnish Resistant Sterling Silver

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