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Lucky Horseshoe Ring

Lucky Horseshoe Ring

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We could all use a bit of luck now and then. The Lucky Horseshoe Ring is a handmade sterling silver ring based on our popular Open Circle ring, but designed around a particularly lucky horseshoe design.

Most likely originating from an Irish folktale about Dunstan, a blacksmith, and his encounter with the Devil. The tale goes that the blacksmith was forging away in his shop when the devil appeared to him and asked for a shoe for himself. Dunstan then nailed a red hot shoe onto the devil's hoof who, in excruciating pain, pleaded that it be removed. The blacksmith agreed, under on condition, that the devil never enter any place with a horseshoe hanging over the doorway. There are many other myths and legends including warding off witches and faeries, as well as the idea that the seven holes in the horseshoe adds to the luck.

All in all, this ring has deep roots in folklore, but you can wear it for the cool look too!

All of my rings are made in my eco-friendly studio and use recycled metals. The silver that I use is tarnish-resistant sterling silver.

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Tarnish Resistant Sterling Silver

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