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Magpies Pendant

Magpies Pendant

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"One for sorrow, Two for mirth, Three for a funeral, And four for a birth." -John Brand in the first known recording of counting magpies for luck. We hope this pendant will bring you mirth!

Magpies are highly intelligent members of the corvid family, found in many parts of the world. In East Asian cultures they are considered symbols of good luck. Although their European reputation of collecting shiny objects has been shown to be likely myth, they are very curious and may make collections of things they find interesting.

Part of my Spirit Animal collection, our magpies pendant is featured two patinaed magpies perched on textured circles, all handmade from tarnish-resistant sterling silver.

Comes on a sterling silver chain that is adjustable between 14 and 17 inches depending on your preference.


Tarnish Resistant Sterling Silver

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