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Murder of Crows Pendant

Murder of Crows Pendant

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Something to crow about!

The collective name Murder of Crows is an unfortunate designation for the intelligent crow. They are scavengers and represent death to many through the ages, but they are actually on of the smartest animals, capable of higher reasoning and making use of tools (such as adding stones to a container of water so as to be able to get a drink.)

In folklore, crows are considered to be messengers that are capable of existing between both the material and the spirit worlds, with Native Americans viewing them as messengers between the living and the dead. It is believed by some that seeing a single crow is often thought to be a bad omen, but seeing two could indicate good luck is coming. Seeing a Murder of Crows (three or more) suggests that change is coming your way, and you might want to take a serious look at your inner self. Noticing crows means you are attuned to your surroundings, or that maybe someone is trying to communicate with you from the spiritual realm.

The beautiful and mysterious crow reminds us to self-reflect, be open to change, and listen to messengers from the spiritual realm.

Part of my Spirit Animal collection, the Murder of Crows pendant is created in tarnish resistant sterling silver with the three crows give a black patina to make them stand out.

Comes on a sterling silver chain that is adjustable between 14 and 17 inches depending on your preference.



Tarnish Resistant Sterling Silver

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